Adventures In Tal'Dorei

Arrival In Emon

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Part 1:
Arrival in Emon
Your ship lands in the port of Emon. Various merchants, workers and towns folk are bustling about. The players know nothing about the city or lands they have traveled too. They meet Magda, a beggar looking for coin. Keletar gives her 5 gold pieces and  she tells them of the Inn and where they can find food, beverage and ladging.

At the Inn they meet Gilour who invites them to his shop. All the while feeling the heros out to see if they are up for the task his about to ask them to take on. Eventually Gilmore invites them to meet the Council Of Tal’dorei, as he thinks they would be helpful in the fight against Arkhan, and Tiamat.


Part 2:

The Council Of Tal’Dorei

The characters are invited by Gilmore to meet the council. Here the characters meet:
Master Of Development – Hearthmaker Theadorn Krazz
Master Of Arcana – Arcanist Allura Vysoren
Master Of Lore – Arbiter Brom Goldhand
Master Of Commerce – Coinmistress Hanna Wassteran
Master Of Information – Seeker Assum Emring
Master Of Defense – Guardian Tolfor Brotoras

Allura askes them to find Wyrspeaker Varran The White. He is being help hostage in the Ironseat Ridge by a group of Yuan-Ti.


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